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    It's Concert Day!
    Dora and Friends: It's Concert Day is a fun adventure game based on Dora and Friends cartoon series. In this game you can meet Dora's new friends and discover her city as you help Dora get ready for her big concert. Help Dora and her new friends put on a benefit concert for the local cafe. First help Dora and Pablo bike through Playa Verde to collect sheet music that the wind scattered. Use the arrow keys to steer and avoid puddles. Next use Dora’s charm bracelet to fly on a magical bird with Dora, Kate and Naiya to gather balloons for the concert that have blown away. Watch out for wind and rain on the way. Then row through watery tunnels beneath Playa Verde with Dora, Emma and Alana to retrieve musical instruments that have fallen into a manhole. In between levels, you can help Dora choose decorations for the concert stage, and you can print a picture of the concert stage you designed!

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